We are your partner for continuous presentation service. Let’s light up your brand!


Your presentation can
start wildfires!

A presentation should be your opportunity to share ideas with an audience. We want that moment to be an experience so that your ideas can catch on.

And to do that, you need to combine 3 ingredients

Fuel (Design)​

To start a fire, you need flammable material

We have designed hundreds of slides, demos, whiteboards and more. We once pushed someone on stage with a shopping cart full of stories! Whatever visual aid you need ‒ if it burns, we’ll use it.

Heat (Story)​

Heat up the room through storytelling​​

Imagine if movies were structured like documents. How boring would that be. Just like most presentations… Let’s build your next presentation like your favorite movie!


You need to engage with your audience differently. Let’s embrace this new way of working and master the skills of virtual presenting.

​Oxygen (Delivery)

The chemistry between you ​
and the audience

This is about you and the conversation with every single member of your audience. ​For your story to catch on, you need to own the stage.

Projects we’ve worked on

and love to keep doing

Slide deck Designs

VR/AR Presentations

Visual Storytelling

Visualize Documents

Presentation trainings

Setup & Facilitation

Arsonist helped us to evolve our storytelling and allow our prospects to more clearly understand our technology and its value to them as both an individual, and organisation.

Technical Director &
Co-founder of Flare

How we work

Presentation Partnership

Continuous Presentation

Presentation Check up

Assessment of your current

Presentation Designs

Visuals, Stories and

Presentation Trainings

Grow & Learn key
presentation skills

In case of NO FIRE:

Let’s create it together!

Got an important project coming up? Want to grow as a presenter?
Or just want to explore new ways to present?