Only if you have all 3 ingredients, you can create presentation wildfires



This stuff goes way beyond PowerPoint

PowerPoints is a great tool that we use daily! And most don’t even utilize the many great features that will wow your audience. But there is so much more we’d like to show you!

  • We can design your visuals (Let make them work for your virtual meetings)
  • Explore new trends, tech and tools for your presentations
  • Provide a Visual Storytelling training for your team


Heat up the room through storytelling

You already have a story! We’ll help you find it, structure it, pick the right words and then deliver it.

  • We can write stories that stick with your audience.
  • Transform charts & figures into the perfect supporting character.
  • Train your whole team to tell engaging stories.


This is all about the chemistry between
you and the audience

Today your stage is most likely virtual, or more difficult, hybrid! We need to connect with audiences from a distance. To make this work, we need to learn new skills and embrace new tools.

  • We can explore new trends, tech and tools for your presentations.
  • Train you to deliver with more control and to command the room.
  • We can help you setup, ready to present